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Beautiful smooth and shiny nails in seconds

MICRO Nail is a global exclusive. An electric nail polisher that effortlessly buffs, smooths and shines nails in seconds so you can have great natural looking shiny nails every day without needing to use any products, finishes or treatments or time-consuming manual nail buffers.

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MICRO Nail is a new, innovative electric nail polisher that effortlessly reveals naturally beautiful shiny nails in seconds taking the hard work out of nail buffing forever!

Your MICRO Nail kit contains:

  • • 2 x MICRO Smooth Roller which smooths away ridges in seconds leaving a smooth, but dull nail bed.
  • • 2 x MICRO Shine Roller, which buff your nails in an instant revealing a naturally beautiful shine.
  • • 2 x AA batteries
  • • Instruction booklet
  • • Handy drawstring pouch to keep your rollers safe

Important questions

Is the MICRO Smooth roller painful to use?

No. The roller gently smooths the top layer of your nail.  If you accidentally brush the skin around your nails you will experience no pain whatsoever. 

What if I press too hard? Can I damage my nail?

Built into the MICRO Nail is a pressure resistance control.  This ensures that if you do press too firmly, the roller will simply stop rotating.  Release the pressure until the roller starts rotating again.  MICRO Nail is so effective you do not need to press too hard and only need to use the product for a few seconds on each nail.

How often can I use MICRO Nail?

We recommend that you use MICRO Nail at maximum once every two weeks. The MICRO Smooth Rollers smoothes ridges on the nail, this should only be used 2 seconds per nail and only once every two weeks. 

How long does the MICRO Nail finish last?

This depends on what you do with your nails and any products you apply.  In research the finish lasted up to 2 weeks for some people.

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